If you live in a country that generally prone to natural disasters like tornados, landslides and whatnot, you need to be aware of ways to protect and prevent yourself from facing harsher impacts and outcomes of these. Trees become one of the biggest threats when faced with such natural disasters, especially when they are huge in size. As a result, the impact of it greater too. however, while some of these couldn’t have been prevented, there are times when you learn the signs you would be able to tell beforehand on whether or not a considering tree is a threat. Being aware of this would definitely help in take preventive measures beforehand. So here are some such signs of unsafe or dangerous trees.

Holes in the trunk

Though back in the days a hole in a tree trunk would mean a safe house to hide in, now when you witness you might want to think of calling in stump grinding to get rid of the tree once and for all. Sure it might not seem like a big issue at the beginning, however in the case of a natural disaster or strong winds, the effects of it could be much worse than you would have imagined. That is why the saying prevention is better than cure is applicable in just about any instance. The reason for such holes to occur in the first place is because of cavities that finally end up decaying the plant on the inside. So taking action and being mindful of such changes occurring in your plants is essential! Link here https://www.urbantreelopping.com.au/stump-grinding/ the perfect place for a stump grinding that will give a best results.

Falling branches

Falling branches are never a good thing. If you do notice such changes happening, this is because the tree is trying make itself smaller so that the nutrient in take is less. Therefore, noting this and doing it yourself or calling in tree services from Perth to give your huge trees an occasional trim would definitely make sure such branches don’t come crashing down on you when you least expect it!

Trunks that lean

Not everything that leans like the Tower in Pisa is able to stand strong for long. With trees especially, you might want to be extra careful when you see such changes. Leaning is a sign of poor rooting or weak rooting that occurs when the roots become weaker. This could be a result of many things including constant use of pesticides, artificial fertilizer, poor planting and whatnot. So, when you notice changes during the beginning stages itself make sure that you correct it once and for all.

Rotting roots

When fungus tends to grow on huge tree roots, they start to decay. Thus causing the base of the tree to become weak. When this happens, the entire tree is vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and could easily come crashing down. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, regularly weeding the garden, using tree protectors during the initial growth stages and even using natural fertilizer to strength the plant is necessary!

Pay attention to your trees and always be on the lookout for such signs to take action before things get any worse!