If we go back in time, there was only one career that was done by men and that was stonemason in Sunshine Coast or crafting. Back in time people were really skilled to perform this job. They knew how to craft a plot and building and the used to do it. Their primary item was stone. They used stone a lot into their works and they got desired results. Stones do not crack that easily, which is why they were trusted back in times and buildings made from them took really long to even get down. The buildings used to take about 4 to 5 years to build since every part of outwash done by hands and it had to be perfect. They used to get their labour money at the end of the month.

Is it considered to be a good career?

There isn’t any good or bad career, it all depends on the skills an individual’s hold and the demand that is in the society. This type of career is based mostly on demand. Someone who wants to get a building made will surely contact the people. Therefore, performs this job it is important for the person to be for emotionally and physically, nevertheless they will have to lift heavy equipment’s which can cause them power. They need to have breakfast in the day, lunch and then dinner. No extra eating r wasting of time is done.

How much do they get paid?

This is one of the most concerned question, these days there is no work due to the pandemic happening and the lockdown that is being imposed but apart from that every worker received an amount of 80000 euros. And when it comes to the workers who has a past experience and better skills and honours, he or she will be given more salary as they are investing their time and showering the buildings with their experience and skills. This means a lot. Make sure you hire workers who know great information at these and who knew how to handle all of this stuff. Even if they mess up, they should know ways that they can fic it.

What are the hours that needs to be given?

Well, there are quite fixed hours that need to be given by the workers. They start from 7 to 8 in the morning till the time of lunch when they get a break. Followed by the evening shift and then there is a night shift. This is a tiring job which is why people are supposed to be fit and on healthy diet. There should be pretty much qualifications, for example people should be good n communications kills, they know more about grave monuments in Melbourne and architect before applying for this job followed by an interview and short listing.