Human civilization dates back to 7000 years. The first most need for human after food is shelter. So people are making and perfecting their home from the last 7000 years. Yes, now we can say that we are living in a world where man has made a home which can fulfil their needs. But was these homes were made by people. No, there are a certain set of people who have been working silently in all human civilizations to build the buildings, bridges, roads, home and any other structure which man have anticipated. Those are the people who make possible for a human to live in privacy, safety and comfortable walls which they can call home. Without these people, we will be unable to perceive the society in which we are living today. These are the builders.

Yes, the builders are the true founders of our modern society. They have been working for centuries to fulfil the human needs for living in closed walls. These builders have made high rise building, underground residence facilities, hospitals and anything which we use for our society functioning. Builders have shaped our society and our lifestyles. Now in modern times, the builders are working under constant pressure because of the increase in the human population and, serving the needs of his population with limited resources and space.

From last one century, we have seen a great change in our living style, The living space is get shrunk due especially in large cities due to high population. But builders Terrigal is working their magic and still manage to produce miracle. Now we can see high rise apartment buildings, raise in very limited space. But still, those building contains all the facilities required by people to live in. Even in case of luxurious livings, these building also contains swimming pools and other luxury facilities. Can anyone imagine 100 years back to have a swimming pool on the 50th floor of a building but now it’s not only possible, whereas it’s very common.

Not only this, the builder had used physiological aspect in their construction. They designed the home in a way that even in limited space, people get ample space where they can get a sense of freedom and privacy. Also squeezing all the necessities into that limited area. This gives rise to new psychology where people prefer to live in a small place because that’s easier to manage. It’s also good learning for people that if you can have all the facilities in less space then why you should spend more for the same in bigger space. This gives rise to the social aspect where people don’t waste their money on the things which they don’t need.